Early Signs of Bipolar Disorder

There are many misconceptions about mental disorders and their symptoms, but in several cases, these early signs can be hard to notice. Bipolar disorder is one of the most common mental disorders with very subtle early signs that can be hard to come by. For those who are unaware, bipolar disorder is a type of mental illness where the individual can go from being extremely depressed to being very happy within minutes.

The following are some of the early signs of bipolar disorder, as some of them can be very subtle and hard to pinpoint.

    • State of High Energy and Happiness – Individuals with this condition can go from periods of extreme depression to extreme happiness within minutes. One of the symptoms of this condition is known as hypomania, a state of being extremely happy and full of energy.

During this state, some people will speak very rapidly. Those with this condition will generally speak rapidly and they will even talk over you when you try to speak to them. When in a conversation, they will also go from one topic to another without any recollection of what they just spoke about.

  • Erratic Behaviour – People with this condition can show some erratic behaviour and will often times disregard the consequences of their action. Unusual sexual behaviour is also highly common among those with this mental disorder. Erratic spending sprees and affairs with others can be a common occurrence among those with this mental illness.
  • Depression – Someone with bipolar disorder can experience periods of depression and it can be different from what most people with regular depression experience. An individual with depression can have difficulty taking on daily tasks, trouble eating or sleeping. The fact is that depression medications don’t really help someone with bipolar depression.
  • Irritability – Those with this condition can be very irritable most days. This is considered to be a very subtle symptom because most people with bad days can be quite irritable. You can’t always identify the condition based on this particular symptom. This can severally hinder one’s ability to perform tasks at work, handle responsibilities and be productive.
  • High Alcohol and Drug Use – Individuals who experience bipolar disorder have also been known to experience substance abuse at some point in their lives. Alcohol and drug abuse are highly common among those with this condition. It helps them by clouding their brains, which helps them forget about their depressive state.
  • Flight of Ideas – Bipolar disorder sometimes causes individuals to have racing thoughts during this manic phase. When you can’t control your thoughts, it can certainly mean you have a mental disorder.In most cases, individuals with racing thoughts or problems with taking on daily tasks will not usually agree that they have a problem. As mentioned before, many of the subtle signs of bipolar disorder can be hard to pinpoint. However, it is extremely important to get the help you need if you may be experiencing problems related to mental disorders.